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What is Air Bubble? Everything you need to know about Bubble Wrap

Certainly most of us have experienced the squeeze of air cap pad attached with when buying computers or electronic products, the bubbles when bursting create a crackling sound. The name of that material is Air Bubble.
So, what is Air Bubble and how it is used, please read the article below to get more understandings about it.

Air Bubble is made from virgin PE plastic, made of two or three layers with round air bubbles that help goods and objects packed inside reduce impact from outside during transportation. Air Bubble has the advantage of keeping the goods from being impacted and scratched, resistant to vibration as well as limiting mold and dirt.

Air Bubble is also known air bubble sheet, air bubble roll, bubble wrap, air cap, air cushion… In Vietnam it is called xop bop no, mang giam chan, xop khi, xong bong bong, xop bot bien, xop bot khi…

Because of the cushioning effect during transportation, Air Bubble is widely used in life as well as an indispensable material in some specific industries. Bubble Wrap is used to pack fragile goods, glass bottles and jars; preserve frozen foods; anti-shock for electric – electronic devices.

Classification: Air foam is produced in rolls, and processed into sheets and foam bags.
Common roll sizes are:
Air cap roll 1.2m * 100m
Air cap roll 1.4m * 100m
Air cap roll 1.5m * 100m
Depending on customers’ needs, air-bubble rolls can be added with paper core inside for easier manipulation.
According to the use, Air Bubble is also divided into 2 types: normal Air Bubble and anti-static Air Bubble. We can distinguish these two types through color. Normal Air Bubble is white, while anti-static Air Bubble will be pink, pink-red or blue.

Thank you for reading the article, you can refer to the other articles for more information on air cushion and other packaging materials.