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A view of PE Foam Material

Nowadays PE Foam is becoming a popular packaging materials. The foam has white color, with small waves on the surface, stretching across the width of the roll.

PE Foam is made from LDPE resins and heating compressors at a proper temperature, forming the foam in thin films. Depending on the purpose of customer, we can adjust the foam’s thickness, length and width so as it matches the specifications of customers.

PE foam is a packaging material that can fix the disadvantages of other common materials such as: easy to tear, easy to deform, low elasticity. Moreover, users can reduce a lot of cost when choosing this product.
Some outstanding advantages can be mentioned when using PE Foam:
– Soft, thin and light
– High flexibility, reusable
– Environmental friendliness
– High durability, inert with liquids such as grease, water.
– Ability to reduce impact, against shock. Reduce vibration and damping during transportation.

– Used for packaging of fragile, easily scratched or crushed products
– Using dunnage for wooden furniture, handicrafts, glass and ceramic goods
– Wrapping fruit both in import-export and domestic delivery
– Used in medical, electrical and electronic industries, footwear industry
– Also used as mattresses, carpets, wood floors…
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